Dashboard Solution

dashboard solutions for real-time

Real-time reporting is an organizational necessity. L-3 STRATIS business intelligence dashboards enable advanced metrics reporting and analysis using state-of-the-art data visualization techniques that display data in a meaningful manner. Whether you need to monitor Service Level Agreements, server load capacity, or enterprise financials, our dashboards provide real-time reporting for all your Key Performance Indicators.

Drill-down Capabilities Enable Decision making

Our dashboards display real, actionable information with drill-down capabilities that enable quick assessments and aid decision making. You can view historical data trends, note exception situations, track assets, and much more. The information presented is easily exportable and allows you to send and receive reports and alerts from mobile devices.

Role-based access is standard, ensuring sensitive information is only available to key decision makers.

For more information about the L-3 STRATIS Dashboard Solution, please contact Chuck Jarrow: