Targeted Training

For over 15 years, L-3 STRATIS has provided a wide range of learning support services and products that enable our clients to improve employee performance, manage enterprise learning initiatives, and meet federal learning program requirements.

We provide training to the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, as well as to several federal and state agencies.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Signals Acquisition and Analysis
  • Technology
  • Systems engineering
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Cultural acclimation

L-3 STRATIS training prepares the learner to achieve proficiency in a mission context, whether performing signals modulation in a hostile environment, adjusting the parametric orientation of Earth-orbiting satellites, assessing the vulnerability of networks riding on the Global Information Grid, or providing translator support to Civil Affairs units and security forces in foreign countries.

L-3 STRATIS develops and presents training around the globe as needed, when needed. Delivery methods include traditional instructor-led classrooms, multi-media enhanced distance learning, and the Virtual Training Environment (VTE) for both real-time and asynchronous delivery.   We also offer a robust program of simulation and virtual gaming products.

Our training services include:

Computer Network Operations (CNO) Training
L-3 STRATIS is the leading provider of cyber training to the military’s cyber warrior. We have delivered basic, intermediate, and advanced level training to hundreds of men and women via digitally-networked lab classrooms, as well as through web-based learning with interactive software products that test the learners’ skills acquisition.   Proficiencies, i.e. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) – are measured and validated based on certified assessments and demonstrated performance that includes rigorous Capstone benchmarks.

Foreign Language Acquisition, Maintenance and Enhancement and Immersion Training
L-3 STRATIS delivers the best in foreign language learning to the warfighter; government civilian; and civil and public affairs personnel.  Our professional native-speaking instructors undergo a rigorous assessment of both their native language skills and proficiency in English to ensure the quality of instruction. They meet the rigid standards set by government and academia in the five language competencies: speaking, listening, reading, writing and translation.  We also offer a tailored, total language-immersion experience to clients who require expedited training or additional depth.

Cryptologic Area Studies Training
L-3 STRATIS recognizes the value that area studies and cultural awareness contribute to mission success in exchanges with people of foreign lands or differing backgrounds.   Our approach ensures a strong foundation of knowledge-based understanding that builds to career-area expertise.  We partner with many of the most recognized academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad to provide the most highly qualified, credentialed instructors available. Their depth of experience and years of research make them among the most sought-after by government policy makers and security analysts, the media, and think tanks.

Training Product Development
L-3 STRATIS hosts a Training Center of Excellence at our Annapolis Junction, Maryland facility.  In this facility, products are created based on the proven standards called for by government purchasers, which include a solid understanding of Instructional Systems Design (ISD); SCORM-conformant requirements; learning objectives; and which take into account the multiple learning styles of students.  The center also offers expertise in developing and deploying all four Kirkpatrick levels of evaluation assessment.