Achieve Success with L-3 Stratis

Software plays a very vital role in shaping a companies success and growth. There isn’t a single company that works without the help of software. Though there are innumerable IT companies around the world, however, the kind of service L-3 STRATIS provides is simply unmatchable. Being a sales personnel of L-3 STRATIS, I can proudly say my company is one of the leading providers of cyber security, intelligence and IT solutions. Every day I found a new customer getting associated with us. It not only makes me feel proud but also makes me realize I am associated with such a company that brings positive change in the society with their efficient and effective services.

New Clients!

ViperTech Mobile is known as the new entrant in our customer’s list. New clients are always unique, and we love to serve them with their requirements. The whole IT solutions of ViperTech Mobile are looked after by us. A company which deals especially with technical intricacies needs uncompromised IT solutions, and I am proud my company is doing its job in just the perfect way.

One of our primary aims is to develop software that will help our customers to achieve their goal. We just work as a support system that enables our clients to perform their mission successfully. L-3 STRATIS offers cyber security solutions and services for mobile, cloud and other enterprises.

Here is what we are giving them. The solutions that we provide to our clients are cloud security, a mobile endpoint security, encryption, enterprise active cyber defense, cyber intelligence, computer network defense, computer network operations, software assurance, disaster management, etc.

We combine the best and latest technology with proven cultural practice. Our quality works have helped our customers in many ways. We offer reliable data and automatic business processes that allow better decision making with lowering cost. Best decision-making at a lowered cost means you will not only serve your customers with best services but will also manage to generate profit higher than before.

We offer L-3 Accolade and enterprise geospatial solutions. L-3 accolade not only enhances safety but also increases operational efficiency, especially for coal mines. The system provides self-healing, redundant and survival voice and data network. This provides voice and data communication system amongst the miners. They also provide real-time situational awareness capability.

Our geospatial solutions are however, on the other hand, high-quality services, to defense agencies and governments. These services just provide support to their existing IT structure and also make them more powerful and updated.

We are known to deliver our work on time. We have records that have proved we have delivered our services always on time. We thoroughly understand that our clients need their project on time and by on time delivery of such projects their mission gets successfully achieved.


We have core competencies which include geospatial intelligence; consulting and program management, systems and software engineering, etc. Each of the services is quite valuable and exclusive. Let’s discuss these services one by one.

Geospatial intelligence:

In this service, we work on imagery derived products. We integrate with nonspatial content and also give ISR support.

Consulting and program management:

We not only do strategic planning but also work on implementation. It works as business process engineering.

Design and development:

We make system design strategies so that the full software gives the best service.

Data acquisition and development:

We collect GPS data and works on them. We also build information modeling.

All our services are excellent and are of high quality. All our core competencies are erected in a way so that we can give good service to our customers at a low rate.

Why we are the best

We give you value for money and, in fact, returns you the service that is higher than what you pay us. We have many competitors in the market, but none of them can match our quality of duty. It is all because of the excellent team that we have.

Our company hires only the best. In fact, I got an appointment for strict evaluation of my educational records. My capability was also evaluated through various interview processes. Each of the professionals that work with L-3 STRATIS is highly qualified and extremely efficient.

Our company’s primary aim is to live up to the promises that it makes to its clients. If you want to achieve your mission successfully, you must join hands with us. We make things easier for you. All our customers are happy with us, and next is your turn. We now want to make a happy customer in you.