Mission Success Requires Vision

Getting information to the right people at the right time is a matter of life and death for some of our customers. But all of our customers need to be able to communicate quickly, effectively and immediately – no matter where they are, or what device they are using.

From infrastructure to applications to governance, enterprise IT is a critical resource that must be managed and delivered flawlessly for government organizations to be effective.

At L-3 STRATIS, we help you solve the most intractable communications and IT problems. So that nothing stands in the way of making your vision a reality.

Emerging Technologies
Our customers work with large amounts of data using laptops, mobile and proprietary devices. This has driven a corresponding requirement that the data be secure, yet easily accessible. At L-3 STRATIS, we have years of experience supporting global customers in the handling of the most sensitive data.

– Cyber Solutions
– Mobile Technologies
– Cloud Solutions and Virtualization of Data Centers

We provide the tools, processes and skilled personnel to effectively manage your enterprise  IT portfolio.

– IT Investment Management
– Program Management Office (PMO) Support Services
– Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) Governance Support

Mission Assurance
L-3 STRATIS helps our clients develop, implement, and adjust their mission and operational processes to ensure success and efficiency.

– Systems Integration and Development
– Software Development Life-cycle Support
– Knowledge Management/Knowledge Discovery/Information Management
– Geospatial Information Solutions
– Asset Management and Monitoring
– Customized Reporting and Analysis Dashboards

Enterprise Services
L-3 STRATIS develops, maintains, and enhances our customers’ IT architecture and systems to ensure optimal support of the customer’s mission, and efficient use of resources.

– Dashboard Solution
– Data Center Design and Operations
– Information Assurance
– IT Infrastructure Optimization
– Performance-based, Mission-driven Managed Services
– Training and Workforce Development