The best course of action is not always apparent…

Getting the right information to the right people in time to create the desired effect is an operational imperative.  L-3 STRATIS provides solutions that enable you to move information from point-of-collect to point-of-use, and deliver the information needed for your mission to succeed.  At L-3 STRATIS, we serve the National Security, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement communities by providing solutions that enable them to leverage information to assure mission success.

Across the globe, L-3 STRATIS serves as a solutions provider and mission partner.  We provide the expertise to help develop, operate, transform and keep relevant mission-essential IT systems.  We provide a cadre of cleared developers that understand evolving technologies and how to apply those technologies to deliver mission success in a cost-effective manner.  We are expert at helping organizations migrate from their current to future enterprise solutions.  We provide well-trained and experienced mission-essential staff to perform all business and operational functions across the Intelligence Community.

Systems and Tools for Intelligence Operations

Identifying, locating and making sense of critically needed data, and presenting the results to support a wide range of missions is a fundamental requirement of every L-3 STRATIS customer.  The continuing explosion of data will make this requirement more challenging in the future.

L-3 STRATIS develops and implements sophisticated systems and tools that allow analysts and executives to identify significant trends and information quickly and clearly, enabling the fast-response intelligence operations of today.

Mission-essential Staff

L-3 STRATIS provides mission-essential staff, as needed, to enable a full range of Department of Defense (DoD) and IC business, management, and operational requirements.  Our cadre of cleared personnel have a proven record of operational excellence.  They are skill-certified and experienced in operating within unique security environments shaped by legal, policy, technology and operational constraints.  Our dedicated professionals share the mission focus of our customers and are proud to serve our nation’s interests.

Enterprise IT

L-3 STRATIS has provided cost-effective, reliable, and mission-focused enterprise solutions and services for decades.  More importantly, we provide our customer with the agile and flexible solutions required to succeed in a rapidly changing operational and technical environment.

Our categories of service include:
– IT Service Management
– Systems Development and Integration
– Program Management and Support
– Software Development
– Cyber Solutions

Intelligence Support Services

L-3 STRATIS is a trusted partner to the IC and DoD. We provide many types of support to the intelligence missions, including:

  • Multi-source Data Collection, Fusion & Analysis
  • Full-Motion Video Analysis
  • Counterintelligence Threat Analysis
  • Computer Network Operations
  • Intelligence Fusion Systems
  • Targeted Training (READ MORE)
  • Collection
  • Collection Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Case Management
  • Geospatial Intelligence