Small Business

Award-winning Small Business Supplier Program

The L-3 STRATIS Small Business Office (SBO) was established to ensure that small business; small, disadvantaged, woman-owned, service-disabled, veteran-owned businesses; and HUBZone-certified businesses all have the maximum practical opportunity to compete for L-3 STRATIS’ business. The SBO acts as the liaison between diverse suppliers and all of L-3 STRATIS’ business units that have procurement responsibilities. L-3 STRATIS is continually reaffirming its commitment to small business participation, and developing procurement programs that are beneficial to both its small business partners’ and to L-3 STRATIS’ corporate growth strategies.

The focus of the Small Business Office is to:

  • Develop Mutually Beneficial Strategic Relationships (e.g., Mentor-Protégé Program)
  • Maximize Utilization of Small Businesses
  • Promote Small Businesses
Develop Mutually Beneficial Strategic Relationships

L-3 STRATIS is committed to establishing long-term strategic partnerships with the small business community. L-3 STRATIS is proud of its strong small business advocacy record and continues to strive to be an industry leader in this area. Small businesses play a significant role in our marketplace and represent a tremendous wealth of knowledge and capability in strengthening our economy. Teaming with the right small/disadvantaged business may make the difference between success and failure.

Maximize Utilization of Small Business

The Small Business Act (FAR Part 19.701) requires that, when an agency awards a prime contract over $650,000 ($1.5 million for construction) to a large business prime contractor, the prime contractor must provide a “Subcontracting Plan” that includes small business goals. The SBO supports small business participation as mandated, pursuant to FAR 52-219-9, to provide the maximum practicable subcontracting opportunities and achieve/exceed the goals as developed in the contractors approved subcontracting plan.

Promote Small Businesses

Another important SBO initiative is to identify and promote small business throughout L-3 STRATIS and the Federal Government. The L-3 STRATIS SBO is frequently involved in the following types of Outreach events:

  • Planned industry days
  • Agency sponsored trade shows
  • Vendor open houses
  • Match-making sessions
  • Active participation in small business-sponsored networking events
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Membership in organizations supporting small business participation